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  • A brand new SIM card is included with every order. All you need is an unlocked phone.

  • Activate on receipt of your SIM card

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Here is an example of the kinds of discounts you will get at CellPlans.US

  • From H2O : SIM card plus H2O $40 plan for 3 months: $120

  • From Ebay: SIM card plus H2O $40 plan for 3 months: $47

  • From CellPlans.US: SIM card plus H2O $40 plan for 3 months: $40.95

CellPlans.Us is your online source for DISCOUNT cell plans. We are an authorized dealer for Lyca and H2O and Verizon

These are the same SIM cards you can purchase locally for full price. Order from us at a discount.

Purchase guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied with your SIM card and cellular service, you can return the card for a full refund.

if you have any issuse with your SIM card, our technical support team is ready to help you. Just call 1-877-692-4004 and we will help you get rolling.

We offer variety of cell plans from H2O Wireless (see Plans and Prices) and LycaMobile (see Plans and Prices) and Verizon (see Plans and Prices).All of our plans offer unlimited talk, which means you can make and receive as many calls as you like. They all also offer unlimited text, which means you can send and receive as many texts as you like. What varies from plan to plan is the amount of high speed data you can receive. You use data when you view a web page or check your email, or use one of the apps you have installed.

Coverage area are different for Lyca and H2O. In general, H2O has broader coverage in more remote areas. You can check the coverage maps from the plans pages. Both Lyca and H2O provide coverage in Puerto Rico.

We ship same day, so you will have your SIM card within 3 days at most (probably sooner!)

When you order from us, you will receive a brand new triple cut SIM card (fits any phone), and your SIM card will be prefunded with 30 - 90 days of service. You can activate your card at any time; it never expires. You will receive a discount of up to 30% off the regular price,

Our plans work on any unlocked GSM phone (Verizon cards require CDMA type phone). If you are unsure whether your phone will work with these SIM cards, give us a call at 1-877-692-4004  and tell us the make and model of your phone.


Effective 6/1/2020, H2O Wireless has increased the high speed data limits across the board.

Their new $40 plan comes with 15GB of high speed data each month.

Their new $60 plan now comes with 60GB of high speed data each month.

If you have a 5G device, you will now get 5G data speeds at no additional cost.

Go to H2O to see costs and place orders.