If you have customers visiting your location, could you benefit from an extra $12 of profit from each one.

Cell plans are a universal requirement these days. Who do you know that doesn't have a cell phone?

Every time you activate a new cell plan for a customer, you make between $12 and $17. (Depends on the plan)

It doesn't matter why they are in your store; you can be selling computers of knickers; they still need a cell plan.

  • No Capital Investment
    • Start working immediately
  • High Sales Margin
    • Make more $ per sale
  • Instant Payout
    • No waiting for commission checks
  • No Technical Knowledge Needed
    • No training needed
  • Huge Market Potential
    • Almost everyone has a cell phone

We welcome cell plan dealers (resellers). No technical skills needed!

How it Works:
You buy SIM cards from us at wholesale prices.

As you sell plans to your customers, you activate the SIM cards through an online portal. You choose the plan value during activation.
Activations are instantaneous. No Minimum Commitment. No Fees.

Example: A customer wants a LycaMobile $29 monthly plan. You provide the customer with a LycaMobile SIM card from your stock. You collect $29 from the customer (cash, credit card, whatever). You activate the card on our portal and pay your discounted price for the first month. You keep the difference between the $29 you collected from the customer and your discounted price. No waiting for commission payouts; you are compensated right away.

Contact us at for information or instant setup.
Or call 877-692-4004 and ask for Bill.

Setup is simple and takes less than a minute. We just need your name and address. No complicated forms to fill out. There is NO COST to sign up.

Dealers receive up-front activation discounts (ranging from 40% to 60% of retail price, depending on your monthly volume), in addition to renewal discounts. Contact us today for details!